Lambeth Palace Library

On Thursday I went with the MA Book group and the FdAs to see Yutta Keddis at Lambeth Palace. Having only been there as a member of the public to seen an exhibition (Treasures of Lambeth Palace Library, 2010) it was fantastic to see behind the scenes. Yutta took us on a tour of the library, starting with the great hall – lined with bookcases of early printed books and vellum-bound manuscripts, and into the new reading room alongside the store for the Sion Collection which they obtained in 1996 when the College closed, under the agreement that no money would be spent in maintaining the collection – making this a goldmine for budding book conservators and volunteers! We were then introduced to Janet who is the head of conservatipn and also to their studio which is AMAZING. Housed in the Morton tower of the gatehouse, it looks like the set for another Harry Potter film, and has gone straight to the top of my list of dream places to work. We then spent a few hours looking at a selection of bindings that Yutta had collected due to their interesting and unusual features including a presentation binding made of metal with decorative enamel work on the front and back boards.

I am hoping that once I finish current projects at the College of Arms, I will be able to volunteer at Lambeth as part of a book measuring project that is currently being unertaken.

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