Angelo Deacidification

I finished washing the folios on Thursday and started de-acidifying on Wednesday in the evening. Due to the lack of large felts for pressing, I’m only able to complete one section per day.

Angelo Washing


Angelo Washing


Angelo Washing

The method used is: 1lt of Magnesium Bicarbonate mixed with 100ml of 1% gelatine solution as a sizing agent. This is then brushed onto the recto of the humidified folios and left to slightly airdry before being pressed.

I am then doing paper repairs, section by section when they’re dry, instead of waiting for them all to be de-acidified and pressed. In this way, I can get a section done in a day.

Angelo on Felts

Kozo 23gsm and Tengujo 11gsm are being used as repair papers. and the single sheets are being guarded together insitu to form a whole section. This is then pressed.

Paper Repairs

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