Visit to the Christ’s Hospital Museum

A backdated post….

Two weeks ago on Tuesday I visited the museum at my old school; Christ’s Hospital. The visit was organised with Mike Barford who runs the museum voluntarily every Tuesday. I was meeting with him to discuss the possibility of working on some bindings from their archives for my final project. Turns out that he was waiting for a conservator to materialise! I had a look around the few rooms that they call their archive – 100’s of books higgldy piggldy on the shelves, and some wonderful bindings. I explained to him what I was after, and he admitted that he’d though I wanted to work on in-situ running repairs, and had looked out some board reattachment and re-back projects, so he showed me around the stacks and asked me to pick out bindings that would be more suitable. He also mentioned that most of their collection and especially their most valuable bindings are kept at the Guildhall under the watchful eyes of the LMA. (I am hoping to visit these collections in the next few weeks).

I found a few bindings that would brilliant projects, most of them are stationary bindings, but others just had interesting features that I’d not come across before both technically and ethically. We also stumbled upon an Arabic manuscript totally be chance!

Leather Dustjacket

Sorry for the quality!

Broken Headband

Arabic Manuscript

"Bills 1677" Stack of loose leaves with protective boards.

Parchment Covered Stationary Binding

Broken Springback

The Stacks

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