Final Project kinda/maybe sorted!

I spoke to JC on Thursday about the 5 bindings I had brought up to London from the CH museum. We decided that only one of them would be an appropriate binding for the final project and that I would have to supplement it with 2 or 3 others for it to become substantial enough. Out of the other 4 bindings, one would be boxed immediately and used as a rolling project (it is a stack of paper bills from 1677 with extensive cleaning and paper repairs needed), one would be used as a prelim. project to satisfy my AHRC proposal of conservation of an Islamic manuscript (it will need its headcap repairing and its LH board flattened.) The third would be boxed and sent back as is (it is a public record and would be available in other forms – possibly digitised) and the final binding would be a research piece which will be used to support the MA research I’ve decided to do into leather repair. It will also need headcap and endband repair at both head and tail, the binding itself is stable but its leather dust jacket is not.

The final project will be based around the conservation of various styles of account book and stationary bindings, and I am hoping to find other examples from Lambeth, the Stationers Company and also the Bearings Bank Archive (although they all don’t know it yet!) and my research will focus on the conservation of degraded leather and how to repair what cannot be repaired…. exciting stuff!

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