Angelo – the end paper saga part I

So I’ve finished the guarding and de-acidification, finally! I’m giving myself a break from paper repairs and going straight ahead with the binding, however I now have the problem of the endpapers.

Because of the size of the binding – 280 x 460, finding paper that is large enough to be made into endpapers is going to be difficult. I’ve also been in touch with Jemma Lewis who makes marbled paper and she’s informed me that her trays aren’t large enough to make a double page spread (280 x 920) so I’ve had to make some adjustments.

Flyleaves – from handmade wove paper, as there’s no paper in the Camberwell studio large enough, the first idea was to join 2 pieces together, but then EK suggested that I just buy some of the right tone at Falkiners which would be large enough.

Free end paper and paste down – I’ve put together a sample of the endpaper structure that encorporates a cloth joint, a waste pastedown and a ‘free’ marbled pastedown. Yes, it sounds complicated, so here’s a slightly less complicated diagram. What do you think?

Endpaper Structure

And then I made a mock-up:

Endpaper Structure Mockup

And that (hopefully) is how I’m going to do the endpapers, if I can find paper large enough and the marbled paper works out.

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