Lambeth Boxing

Today we’re boxing. The delivery came this morning of 13 boxes of boxes, from the LMA and thankfully they are in numerical order. They all are slightly too big, and because the studio’s packing up – the plastazote is nowhere to be found. Ian’s found sone packing foam that we’re using to bulk out the books instead, hopefully it’s archival. The books just need to be boxed and put back on the shelves in the right order, giving us an opportunity to organise the shelves- possibly the first time this has happened since the books arrived. Having the books in boxes has taken up about 25% more space on the shelves so the overflow will be kept in the staff room before it’s moved to CERC. Even though all these bindings have been cleaned, it’s still a FILTHY job.

20120207-063111 PM.jpg

Lambeth Palace in the snow

20120207-063148 PM.jpg

The Great Hall

20120207-063250 PM.jpg

Books in boxes

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