Box Making Workshop

Yesterday I went with Oriana and Erica to The Black Fox Bindery run by Nicky Oliver in Stoke Newington. Ori had organised with her to do a days workshop on boxmaking. Although I’ve made loads before, I thought it would be a great experience, that I’d make a contact and pick up new tips as well. As you can see her studio/workshop is wonderful; packed with new and second hand tools and machinery with plenty of space for the 5 of us (one of Nicky’s student was there too).

She had pre-cut all the materials for a flat back solander box, but gave us a demo of how to measure up.

Once she had demonstrated each step, we went away and did it too. When it came to cutting the covering material, she had pre-made some cutting templates to make it easier which we could take away.

This is an ingenious device that fits onto the corners of boards and is gauged to the same thickness of the board (they come in different sizes) which you can cut against to create perfect turn-ins!

Most of the steps were the same as how I’ve been previously taught, but some were different, like the two above – forming the spine so it drops lower than the trays and measuring out for the inner spine piece. This technique made so much sense and made the process a lot easier.

My finished box was brilliant, and fit perfectly together! I’ll be using it to store bits of blotter and bondina for repairs. Thank-you Nicky!

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