Angleo Endpapers part 2

So, the saga continues! I received some lovely sheets of marbled paper courtesy of Jemma Lewis Marbling, and started to make up the endpapers for the rebind of Angelo. Making the marbled paper into made endpapers in this style:

Type I endpaper

So, first I lined the marbled paper using a mixture of paste (10:1) and EVA and nipped in the press and left under weights overnight. So… then I came back to it and it turned out that the grains of the papers were running in opposite directions so the paper had curled, and the ‘made’ endpaper was really thick – almost board-like!

Curled endpapers

So… I had the problem that the made endpaper would be to thick, but it needed to be made to be in keeping with the style. So I needed to source a paper thin enough to line the marbled paper. We settled on a conqueror wove paper (approx 90gsm) which matched the wove of the marbled paper. However the paper is white, so I needed to tone it to match the colour of the textblock as well as the plain endpapers. I toned with acrylics and brushed on the colour, wiping away the excess and the brush strokes with a sponge. After they had dried out, and making sure the grain directions matched I pasted them together with just paste (10:1), nipped them and then left them under weights. Hopefully after the weekend I’ll come back to them and they’ll be FINE!

As well as that, I neded to make up a single gathering with the plain paper, but the paper wasn’t big enough to just fold in half, so I had to stick two together. I pared down both the edges, and glued them together with EVA, then folded them along the inner join.

Joined flyleaves

Pared and joined papers

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