Day 1 – Islamic Bindings

We were joined today by Kristine Rose, who is a book conservator at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Previous to that, she worked at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. She has a huge interest in Islamic bindings (amongst other things) and has come in to teach us a bit about the styles and techniques most commonly found in the Middle East and southern Spain. We had prepared folios and card to make paste laminate boards, as well as pared leather for the covering material.
The first part of the day was spent going through a few slide-shows of bindngs and their structures, dates of popularity and inherent problems.

Different styles of inner joint

Using the Andalucian style as a Cosnervation treatment

We then moved on to binding our models. After a demonstration of each step we went away and sewed the textblocks – 2 stations, chain link style.

Chain/Link stitch sewing

Lined the spine with linen.

Linen spine lining

Prepared the boards by pasting 3 pieces of card together and pressing, and started sewing the endbands, completing the primary tie-downs by the end of the day.

Primary endband sewing

Tomorrow will be spent perfecting the complicated art of Islamic endbands!

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