Day 2 – Islamic Bindings

Today was endbands day. From my previous experiences of sewing Islamic endbands, I knew that we’d be in for a long and complicated session, but… apparently I’ve been doing it wrong all this time, and there’s a much much easier way of doing it!

The leading thread (green) is threaded over and under the tiedowns untill the other side, and then the second colour is threaded under the under (sounds complicated, but it’s really not!). Make sure the needle is pointing in the direction of the sewing, and away from you – this creates the chevron pattern.

The green thread then loops around the gold thread on the side, and then goes back to the other side in the same pattern – under the same tiedown as the first row. This then forms chevrons.

The rows are then pushed down over the core onto the top of the textblock and the chevrons then continue back to the edge of the core on the spine side.

And this is what mine turned out like:

The next step is to paste on the endpapers. Islamic endpapers are constructed in 2 parts. One piece of decorated paper is pasted directly to the 1st and last folios of the textblock and left to press. The second piece will then be pasted onto the board after the covering leather has been turned in.

The ‘ears’ at either end of the endbands are pasted directly to the textblock, and used as a gauge when measuring for the boards. The boards are exactly the same height as the textblock, and the same width if you measure from the edge of the pasted down endband core.

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