College of Arms

Yesterday I spent the day at the College continuing with a project that I started a while ago. The project has been complex, coming to the studio with redrotten repairs in the spine and the corners which needed to be removed. I removed the boards, reenforced the sewing and the endbands and lined the spine with aerolinen. I also cleaned off the leather from the boards and built up the board corners with blotter pulp. Yesterday the boards were replaced using the transverse spinelinings on the inside and outside of the boards.
First they were backcornered and sanded untill smooth


Backcornered board.

Relining the centre panels as well at the ones at the head and tail; using these to pull in the boards.


Board Attachment

The linings were attached to the spine and left to dry first, and then pulled onto the board, using the clamps to keep the binding compressed. It was then left to dry (which took no time as it was so sunny & warm) and then repeated on the other board. This was then.left under boards and weights.


Sunny North Bank

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