Angelo Binding

So, after rounding and backing last week, and keeping the textblock  under boards and weights, the spine was looking good.



This was about to change, as I needed to complete the paper repairs to the whole volume. This was completed quickly (it only took a day!) using heat set tissue (Archibond) to support tears, rough edges, folds and losses.

Paper repair.

Doing these paper repairs has caused the round to come out of the spine, so it was rehumidified using WSP and pushed into position manually, before being put quickly into the plough and given a light backing. The spine is lined with aero cotton to help keep its shape, and the endbands will be sewn through it.

Even though I’m not using the marbled paper for the endpapers, I will still use it to cover the binding along with the leather, so I’ve chosen silks that match the paper for the endbands. They also happen to match the endbands on the original binding of Angelo that I’ve been able to see.

Endband silks.

The endbands were worked around a core of linen cord lined with kozo paper.

Endband setup.

Finished endband.

Finished endband.

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