Angelo Binding #2

After the endbands were sewn, I lined the spine in between the supports with western paper to compensate before I put on the hollow. The hollow was made on the book in a 1-0n, 2-off style, and adhered with WSP, this was bandaged up and left overnight.

The hollow in place.

The next thing was to create false raised bands, this was done by adhering small strips of leather onto the hollow:

False raised bands.

Because I had chosen tapes as a sewing support, a method of board attachment that wasnt the norm was devised. As the endpapers incorporated a linen joint which would be pasted to the inside of the boards, the supports would be pasted to the outside for maximum strength and to support the opening of the boards. I cut small wells into the boards where the tapes were to go making sure the boards we square and in the correct position first.

Hollow for tapes.

The next task was to pare the leather for the spine and the corners. I have chosen a maroon goatskin which matches the marbled paper I will use on the cover and the type of skin that was on the original binding. As this was for a new binding, the leather did not need to be pared within an inch of its life – it needs strength to withstand continuous opening and closing. I managed to get the entire spine piece done without putting any holes in it (the first time this has ever happened!!)

Setup for leather paring.

Paring the leather using a spokeshave.

It’s the Easter break now, so I wont be in the studio for 2 weeks. This will give me loads of time to start thinking out the research for my final project which I’m due to start next month eeek!!

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