Angelo Leatherwork

So, after my lovely Easter break, I got back into the studio, but not before we had a weeks worth of lectures from Professor Nicholas Pickwoad. This was my 4th (and last) time studying his European Bookbinding; 16th – 19th Centuries so I hope that all I’ll ever need has sunk in!

Back to Angelo… I’ve finally got the leather on the spine and corners, and I have to say; it’s looking pretty good. What do you think? The turn-ins for the corners were pretty funky as I’d forgotten to trim them down and pare the edges, so that all needed to be done after they were in place – pretty tricky but I pulled it off!

Leather over back-cornered boards and over false raised bands.

It’s a bit uneven, but I purposefully made the spine piece oversized to allow for mistakes (of which there were none – YAY!), the edges will be trimmed back before the paper’s pasted on.

Spine and Corners done!

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