Model Bindings Finished.

It’s been really interesting to make these bindings as my first task in the studio, as they not only have given me an introduction to the way the studio works, and where everything lives, but also how my techniques differ to that of Lizzies.
Both the books have turned out well, with some minor problems, and there are certainly some things that I’d do differently next time:
• The boards on both bindings have been pulled back tight into the shoulder making their closing difficult (they’ve needed to be pressed when the joint have been dampened, to try and stretch out the leather over the joint). This has meant that the boards have slightly protruded onto the spine. Next time, the wedges places in the shoulder need to be thicker to counteract this shrinkage.
• The endpapers on the smaller binding are slightly too short, and so next time I’d leave the endpapers much longer than necessary and then trim them just before the pastedowns are to go on, and then if needed just after they’ve been adhered.
• Working the endbands on the recessed cord binding was a good exercise but too time consuming for my preference. In the future, I’d only use this technique if the binding called for it.
• Lining the boards between the leather corners and spine on the larger binding with slightly thicker paper than I’d though appropriate, especially using soft printmaking paper was a great technique, and the covering paper sits really well on the leather. In the past there’s been a dip, where the pared edge sits below the covering paper.
• The sprinkling on the smaller binding has worked well, will a few smudges, which can be combatted next time by wiping off the brush, as well as the gloves.

Small Binding, Sprinkled.

Small Binding, Sprinkled.

Both Finished Bindings.

Both Finished Bindings.

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