Cornwall Archives Network & PZ Training Days pt. 1

Preparation for Digitization at Cornish Studies Library in Redruth, The Regimental Museum in Bodmin and The Cornwall Record Office in Truro.

See the PZ Conservation blog post for the full article, written by Holly who prepared and led the training days. All photos were taken at the Regimental Museum in Bodmin by Matt Wreford.

I was tasked with putting together a practical session that linked in with the workshop’s content; which was making and using remoistenable tissue for quick, in-situ paper repairs as part of the digitization process.

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

These types of repairs require very little moisture, as the repair paper has already been loaded with adhesive which has been left to dry. The adhesive is then re-humidified with a very small amount of water or solvent (or a mix of both). This can be introduced with a paintbrush, a fine spray or by the form of a reservoir, which is what I demonstrated during the training day.

The handout I created can be found here:

Remoistenable Tissue Handout

In the first session of the day we made up three different types of adhesive mostly commonly used for making remoistenable tissue – gelatine, wheat starch paste (WSP) and sodium carboxymethylcellulose (SCMC). After they were made up, they were then applied to the Japanese paper with brushes, through the paper with a Melinex support. The pieces where then left to dry on the Melinex to be used later.

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

In the afternoon session, the attendees were shown how to remoisten the tissue, using the reservoir method, developed at the national archives. This ensures an even distribution of moisture, but does not saturate the tissue. Each attendee was given a small sample sheet to adhere the tissue to as an example, and also given a piece of damaged historical paper for them to repair.

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

photo courtesy of Matt Wreford

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